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We here at Salon de Jeunesse strongly believe that our clients are very important and deserve the best. It is our goal to make all of our clients feel welcomed, pampered and rejuvenated.


“Salon de Jeunesse is an oasis of beauty nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. With Lolitta Martirosyan in command, every detail is a work of art. The ambiance at Salon de Jeunesse is as refreshing as it is beautifying. When I arrived, I was greeted by a highly professional and charming staff. One of the first things to capture my attention was the combination of crisp cleanliness and transforming interior design - truly a work of art. This sleek and inviting environment is only surpassed by the precision and artistry applied to your look at Salon de Jeunesse. I live and work at Beverly Hills, but only Lolitta and her fine associates at Salon de Jeunesse get to work on my hair. They keep trying to get me to have a manicure and a facial. I’m just not ready…yet.”

-Donald F. Carpenter Jr.
President, DFC Wealth Management LLC

“You automatically begin to relax when you walk through the front door of Salon de Jeunesse. The neutral colors, the hum of hairdryers, and the murmurings of stylists and their clients draw you into a world of self pampering. I have been coming to see Rudy for a number of years. He is a magician when it comes to color. I always walk out the door feeling as if I was born a “natural” blond!”

-Nikki Danilov

“I started coming to Salon de Jeunesse since it opened. The salon is beautiful, clean, and everyone is very friendly. I love it and have recommended many of my friends.”

-Vartouhi Zmrukhtyan

“Salon de Jeunesse is a beautiful salon with a calm and relaxing spa-like atmosphere. The stylists are warm and professional. They make you feel welcome. I personally see Nicole Okarocha. Nicole is an exceptional stylist with great skill in hair cutting and color. I would highly recommend the salon to anyone.”

-Julie Twist

“I really enjoy getting my hair done at Salon de Jeunesse. The salon is open, light and attractive and I always leave with great-looking hair, thanks to Lolitta. From cut to color, to highlights, Salon de Jeunesse is my favorite salon!”

-Christine Gosdanian

“Salon de Jeunesse is everything you would want in a salon – clean, stylish, and hip with a friendly and professional staff. I have been coming to see Lolitta for many years. Her positive and accommodating personality will keep me coming back. I would recommend this salon to all my friends.”

-Jony Weiss

“Salon de Jeunesse is very convenient and located in a nice town. I like Lolitta’s design and how she has decorated the place. I love Lolitta’s friendliness and her magic touch. I know I have many choices for a hair salon, but I choose Salon de Jeunesse because they make me feel welcomed and I trust Lolitta’s work. I recommend this hair salon to everyone.”


32 E. Huntington Dr. Arcadia, CA 91006
(626) 446 2225 tel • business days: Tuesday ~ Saturday


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